PubChem Upload Accounts

To submit data to PubChem register at PubChem Upload for one of types of accounts:


Test Account


  • Learn how to format and preview your data
  • Nothing becomes public
  • Upgrade to a full account and click "Commit" to upload to PubChem


Full Account

Apply for an account by providing organizational information with the following guidelines:

  • Use a short, meaningful Data Source Display Name
  • Enter a URL for an English-language page with verifiable contact information
  • Create a physical address that can be found on an online map
  • Include a sentence or two describing your organization


Once your full account is approved, you can still safely test your submission data. Our submission process requires that you click "Commit", before a submission be considered for our public database.


All submitters agree to the Data Submission Policy (DSP)


The Data Submission Policy (DSP) gives PubChem the right to redistribute provided information. It is important to note that all data deposited into PubChem are covered under fair-usage and, as such, do not require the contributors to assign away copyrights or other data ownership, i.e., the contributed information does not have to be part of the public domain.



Special Situations

Multiple Users on One Account

Separate logins and passwords can be assigned to the same account


  • Separate logins - Each account can have multiple contacts, each with their own private password. Only the primary user can add additional contacts.
  • Separate submission tracking - For your convenience, the processing history lists which user on the account took each action for a submission.
  • Joint access - All users on an account have the same access to add, modify and delete submissions.


How to Add Multiple Users to One Account
  1. The primary user on an account logs into PubChem Upload.
  2. Click on Account Settings > Contacts > Add Contact for each additional user.
  3. Each contact can use the 'Forgot password' link on the login page to add their password.


Multiple Accounts for One Organization

Larger organizations may have collections listed as independent data sources


If the same organization has multiple data collections that need to be treated independently within PubChem, then multiple accounts are necessary. For example, the "NIST" and "NIST Chemistry WebBook" substance collections are both generated by the organization NIST, but handled separately in PubChem.


Email Address is Default Login

But it is possible to use the same email on multiple accounts


When a new user registers for an Upload account, the email they provide is used as the username for the account. If the email address is already associated with an Upload account, however, the system prompts the user to choose a username. Thus it is possible to have multiple accounts associated with the same email address.

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