Overview of Submission Steps

PubChem accepts data about chemical structures, annotations and associated bioassay test results.  It is easy to add data to PubChem, but it does not happen instantly!  Here is a summary of the required steps.


1. Visit PubChem Upload

  • Open an account (anyone can create a test account) or login to PubChem Upload
  • To make data public, give organizational info to upgrade to full, approved account
  • Uploaded data is never public until you explicitly commit it


2. Create submission based on your data

Load your chemical structures, bioactivity results and other annotations


Using our Upload web interface, create a new submission by uploading a file or filling in a web form. When you upload data, it is not public. Note the steps below to make data public.



Chemical structures, synonyms, CAS numbers, URLs. Learn more...



Bioactivity test results, associated meta-data



Spectra, literature, health & safety. Contact us if you have this type of data.


3. Review

  • Check all validation messages
  • Preview records as they will appear in public
  • Edit or delete and reload if necessary


4. Commit

You must click on the "Commit" button for each submission that you are ready for public (or "on-hold") release.


5. Wait (typically 24 hours)

To handle large volumes of data, our upload pipeline for public release runs daily. There are times, however, when the pipeline gets backed up or there are questions regarding your submission that additional delays will arise. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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