NLM PubChem Data Submission Policy

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) provides the PubChem archive as a public service.  The PubChem archive accepts electronic versions of chemical substance information, bioassay information, and/or associated information.


Participation in the PubChem archive is voluntary, and those contributing information are deemed participants in this policy.


Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) are provided for the purpose of allowing online users to obtain further information about participant contributed information and includes URLs associated with a given data source, individual chemical substance records, individual bioassay description records, and associated information.  Provided URLs within the PubChem archive enable users to link back to a Participant’s web site.  URLs provided by the participant to their site(s) will be the main source of acknowledgement by NLM for contributed information.


NLM reserves the right to change the allowed URL association types and the allowed number of URLs it will accept for use within the PubChem archive.  Links from contributed information to records in selected NLM databases, such as PubMed and GenBank, may be added by NLM.


Participants are responsible for ensuring their contributed information content in the PubChem archive contains the current up-to-date version.  Failure to keep contributed information up to date may result in a “legacy” designation for the participant, which may entail limiting access to contributed information, including removal from search results. Prior versions of contributed information from a participant may remain publicly accessible in PubChem for the convenience of prior user applications and/or analyses.


NLM reserves the right to modify information provided by a participant for the purpose of providing a consistent representation of all information within the PubChem archive.  NLM may also generate additional derived information from the participant-provided information. PubChem-generated information and the participant-provided information will be made available without cost and without restriction to the public.




Although prepared with a reasonable standard of care, NLM makes no representation or warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the software used by the PubChem archive or that the software used is error free.


The use of Participant URLs by NLM does not imply an endorsement by NLM of the participant or its contributed information.


NLM provides notice in its system documentation and online help files that users should be aware that some contributed information in the PubChem archive may be copyrighted.


Compliance with any copyright restrictions is the responsibility of PubChem users, who are referred to publication data appearing in bibliographic citations, as well as to the copyright notices appearing in the original publications, all of which are incorporated by reference. NLM reserves the right to withdraw public access to participant-provided information deemed to be erroneous, in violation of intellectual property rights, or in violation of the scope of the PubChem archive.


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