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Posted on March 19, 2019


We’ve redesigned PubChem’s summary and record pages with a series of updates both behind the scenes and to your own user experience. These changes will make finding the information you’re looking for easier and faster.


Behind the scenes, we’ve changed the way PubChem models and serves information. Most people won’t see these changes, but the changes do allow us to create pages better suited to your needs, faster. If you’re a programmatic user and you need information on how the data model changes affect you, you can find more information in our blog.


To go along with the behind the scenes changes, we’ve redesigned your user experience with an all new look and feel. To begin, we’ve started color-theming our pages to make it easier to recognize what kind of page you’re on. For example, compound pages may have a light blue theme, while substance pages a yellow theme. There will be themes for bioassay and other page types as well.



PubChem Lindane Compound Summary Page


We’ve also looked over volumes of usage data and user feedback to improve page layout and navigation, and many of the changes you’ll see are a direct response to your feedback. For example, the table of contents has been moved and improved. It now appears on the right side of the page, and higher up on the page. Redundant navigational icons are being removed.


Another result of your feedback is that we’re emphasizing chemical safety information in the summary area at the top of the record. We’re also adding thumbnails for all the available structure types of a given compound (for example, 2D, 3D, crystal) to the summary area. In addition, the graphics quality of the compound 3D Conformer interactive model has been significantly improved.


Please note that, due to the number of upgrades we’re making to PubChem’s pages, legacy browsers will no longer be supported. You can find more information about browsers and browser support here:


We want to know what you think!

PubChem’s new look and feel is a big step forward for PubChem, and we’re excited to share all of the improvements we’re making across PubChem with you!

What’s working well? What’s not? What’s missing? Send an email to

Stay tuned to this blog for future announcements about the roll-out of all the new designs and features coming to PubChem!

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